The Relics of Ro

Around 50 years ago, a great warrior/mage named Ro from the Telppa tribe took it upon himself to rid the world of evil. He traveled the globe fighting demons of all kinds while forging his own weapons, armor and artifacts. These objects are infused with magic and give the wielder great power. As he traveled so much, he could rarely keep all his creations with him, so he would often gift them to others or leave them behind in safe places. His current whereabouts are unknown but he is assumed to be dead. Flash forward to the present day. The Telppa tribe has been completely decimated by their arch rivals, the demonic Strips. Most of the Telppans have perished, but the few remaining have been scattered across the world, in an attempt to survive. One of the survivors, a young warrior named Phthalo, wants nothing more than to avenge his tribe and rebuild his home. He decides to follow in Ro's footsteps and collect all the relics he possibly can, as well as reunite his fellow tribe members in order to prepare for the great battle to come against the Strips