The Regulators, Vol. 1

Following events that transpired in PANDEMONIUM: EVIL INCARNATE and CHAMPIONS OF HOPE, dark magical forces led by the evil sorcerer Merlynn and the powerful Cauldron have broken through the shattered dimensional barriers and have come to the Advent Universe! With taking over this dimension in mind, Merlynn launches a plot to capture Mystic the Mighty Mage. But Mystic launches a plan to bring together Earth's greatest protectors to stop them…if they can come together without killing each other first! THE REGULATORS chronicles the adventures of Advent's most powerful super team – All American, Charity, Titan, Magnum and others join together to stop a dark threat from Merlynn and The Cauldron from destroying the Advent Universe! Part 1 of 3 issues.

comiXology Unlimited