The Punisher (1987-1995)

Collects Punisher (1987) #26-34, Punisher Annual (1988) #3, Classic Punisher (1989) #1, Epic Graphic Novel: Punisher - Return to Big Nothing (1989), Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher - Intruder (1989), Punisher: Kingdom Gone (1990). Don’t call him Big Nothing! In an acclaimed graphic novel, the Punisher has a run-in with an old sergeant that takes him back to his Vietnam days — but now they’re on opposite sides! Then a fed-up Frank Castle targets corporate corruption — with a nuclear submarine! But when super villains wreak havoc with “Acts of Vengeance,” the Punisher takes on a very unfamiliar foe: Doctor Doom! Frank gives his confession, hears a murderer’s sins and goes undercover to end a motorcycle gang’s reign of terror — but he’ll need a high-tech solution to battle the cyborg Reavers! Plus: Money launderers, drug pushers and a murderous secret society are punished in Frank’s relentless war on crime!

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