The Phoenix #68: The Weekly Story Comic

Laughs, tears, thrills! (Oooh, that sounds nice!) Squids, penguins, T-Rexes! (Wait…what?) Evil penguins bent on taking over the world! Slug private detectives! Terrifying kittens! (I’m confused…) Don’t be, fair reader! It’s the Phoenix Comic: #1! Arriving on our shores to take over your brain is a buffet table bonanza of a comic for you to enjoy. From milk-snorting humor, to “whoa what was that!” adventure, to fascinating facts and brain-teasing puzzles, this comic is a smorgasbord for all readers to love. Inside this issue, you’ll find: PHOENIX PHICTIONARY by Alexi E. Con HAGGIS & QUAIL by Dan Boultwood STAR CAT by James Turner BUNNY VS MONKEY by Jamie Smart VON DOOGAN: GREAT AIR RACE by Lorenzo Etherington CORA'S BREAKFAST by Nick Abadzis LONG GONE DON: SERIES 2 by Robin Etherington