The Phoenix #113: The Weekly Story Comic

Laughs, tears, thrills! (Oooh, that sounds nice!) Squids, penguins, T-Rexes! (Wait…what?) Evil penguins bent on taking over the world! Slug private detectives! Terrifying kittens! (I’m confused…) Don’t be, fair reader! It’s the Phoenix Comic: #1! Arriving on our shores to take over your brain is a buffet table bonanza of a comic for you to enjoy. From milk-snorting humor, to “whoa what was that!” adventure, to fascinating facts and brain-teasing puzzles, this comic is a smorgasbord for all readers to love. Inside this issue, you’ll find: CORPSE TALK: ROBERT FORTUNE by Adam Murphy and Lisa Murphy PHOENIX PHICTIONARY by Alexi E. Con PIRATES OF PANGAEA by Daniel Hartwell GARY'S GARDEN by Gary Northfield BUNNY VS MONKEY by Jamie Smart VON DOOGAN: ASTEROID X by Lorenzo Etherington NICO BRAVO by Mike Cavallaro MEGA ROBO BROS by Neill Cameron TROY TRAILBLAZER: HORDE QUEEN by Rob Deas