The Parish: An AmeriCorps Story

A year-and-a-half after Hurricane Katrina, St. Bernard Parish is still just a shell of its former self. Its people scattered, its buildings condemned. AmeriCorps has come down south to help rebuild. Leo joined up to create real change, but ends up running the camp newsletter. His friends Snave, Cirelle, and Davy have Equally unglamorous jobs, while other teams get all the "real" work. Frustrated, they chafe against authority and each other. Only Kiley, the girl Leo pines after, spends her days saving houses from ruin. Leo and his friends work, sweat, and love in a town longing for renewal. They're all looking for something. Or running from something. Often, both. Inspired by the author's own AmeriCorps experience in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, The Parish is a graphic novel about the tug-of-war between selfishness and service. In keeping with the creators' socially-conscious spirit, and due to the publisher's own involvement in Hurricane Katrina, Beating Windward Press donates $1 from each copy sold to the New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity.

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