The Omniverse Anthology #2

issue #2
Story 1: Sixty years ago the human race settled in a
new home across the stars. A world with a
similar environment to Earth, but much larger.
Unfortunately, this new world already had
a dominant species and things have been uneasy
between the humans and natives ever since.
Story 2: Many years before Reilly accidentally had his
consciousness downloaded into virtual reality
his promising career as a rockstar was at risk
when he and his fellow band member, Seonaidh,
met a perplexing woman who introduced them
to a prototype version of virtual reality.
Story 3: A private detective named Ruben James is hired
to find a young couple that have gone missing.
His investigation takes him to a small rural
island, where he encounters a secretive
community that doesn't like strangers. To find
the missing couple he must uncover the truth
about the island.