The Omniverse Anthology #1

The Omniverse Anthology
Welcome to the virtual reality known as the Omniverse. Hundreds of versions of Earth, each one stranger than the last. In the first issue of this anthology we bring you three stories from three creators. We begin in the real world, then dive head first into the bizarre reality of the Omniverse.
Story 1: A world-famous rockstar is in a coma after accidentally downloading his consciousness into virtual reality. A fatal error at the launch party for the new, expanded Omniverse forces the creator to face the consequences of her own creation.
Story 2: The year is 1913, the place is Louisiana. A drifter with a mysterious past meets a family with a dark secret. Together they must fight to free themselves from a sinister curse.
Story 3: During a flight home something strange appears in the sky. Jade looks out the window to see what looks like a floating city. Is it a mirage, a hallucination, or is it a glimpse into another reality? Jade won't rest until she finds out.