The Nurse

Theresa is a nurse hired to accompany young, wheelchair-bound Toby to           a controversial clinic in Transnistria. It’s the only medical           institution in the world that can offer Toby hope that he will one           day walk again. They use radical experimental treatments. Sometimes           their results are miraculous; other times, tragic. Once at the           clinic, Theresa quickly becomes aware of just how “radical” their           treatments are. She then meets a Frenchman, who says: “You’ve got to           help me. I broke my arm just so they would admit me to the clinic. I           came to save my son from that evil... nurse!” Theresa wants to help,           but soon realizes she is a prisoner here. Now she must get Toby out           of this terrible place! “The Nurse” is an ultra-bizarre, intense           story that will take you places you’ve never been and will never           forget!

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