The Misadventures of Electrolyte and The Justice Purveyors

Megalopolis is a virtually crime-free city. That's great for the citizens of Megalopolis, but not for its superheroes. Now superheroes must compete against each other for work and no one is more affected by this plight than The Justice Purveyors. Led by Electrolyte, The Justice Purveyors primary stock and trade has been chasing reckless jaywalkers, dealing with drunk and disorderlies, scofflaws and general cases of moral turpitude. To everyone's surprise The Justice Purveyors beat out the best superhero team in Megalopolis--The Perfect Four -- for a job with the multinational corporation, Wales International. What The Justice Purveyors don't realize is that Jack Wales, the CEO of Wales International, has more than a passing interest in Electrolyte's powers.

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