The Magnanimous Inventions of Ben & Mike

Unbeknownst to historians, the great thinker and inventor Benjamin Franklin, didn't create his benevolent designs alone. For he had a muse, a gremlin called, Mike! Mythic creatures of folklore, gremlins were once known to be an inventor's muse, having grown weary of mankind accepting credit for a gremlin's work, they became the familiar monsters we know today. While Mike may not think as harshly of humans as his brethren, he is by no means an exception to the rule. Convincing the famous inventor to fly a kite during a most historic storm, Mike rigged it to catch the electrical currents of lightning! When Ben is hit with a shocking revelation, he is inspired to conceive his most magnanimous invention yet, THE TIME PORTAL™! Join our intrepid duo on a Less Than Historic Adventure through time & space as they unravel the universe in this wild (and often hilarious!) journey of contretemps with Ben & Mike!