The Lost Kids: Seeking Samarkand

Just another day at school for these kids, that is until a creepy and glowing sphere is sent to one of them for mysterious reasons and once out of the box, it shoots beams of light everywhere...

In the blink of an eye, five regular teens find themselves lost in a completely new world where magic, airships and dangerous adventures are everywhere!

It is up to them to find the mythical city of Samarkand and hope it will bring them back home!

Collecting "Lost Kids: Seeking Samarkand" #1-8 -- written by Felipe Cagno, illustrated by Ben & Joey Vazquez, Rafael De Latorre, Ivan Anaya, Wilton Santos and more, colored by Clonerh Kimura, Everardo Orozco, Eddy Swan and packed with special guests like Artgerm, Genzoman, Loish, René Córdova, Todd Nauck and tons of other exclusive pin-ups!