The Last Paper Route

RISKING THEIR LIVES - TO BRING YOU THE NEWS! For a hundred years, the paper-route was a symbol of opportunity - a chance for hard-working neighbourhood kids to earn some cash. How else could they afford comic books, skateboards and baseball gloves? Once a noble career choice for dedicated kids, the paper-route as we know it is now all but extinct. But before the internet, iphones and texting, when newspapers were the number one source of information, the 1990s were the last decade of glory for paperboys and papergirls as we know it. This is their story. The story of THE LAST PAPER ROUTE. THE LAST PAPER ROUTE takes place sometime in the 1990s in Harbour City - a mid-size metropolis with a rich and mysterious paper-route history going back 100 years. Our heroes are best friends Mikey and Arv, two up-and-coming paperboys who get promoted to the biggest paper-route in the city after a former paperboy mysteriously disappears. They have no idea what perils and craziness they've inherited, but with the help of their boss, the enigmatic and tough-as-nails Mr. Beagles they're determined to deliver their papers - despite the danger! Our introductory 5-issue story arc follows MIKEY & ARV on their first week delivering on the new paper-route - the legendary A2-DCB. With the help of their boss, the enigmatic DON BEAGLES and a collection of colourful paper subscribers they'll start to uncover mysteries and the secret history of the PAPER CARRIERS GUILD - and play a major role in the last decade of paper-routing glory!