The Lalas

Combine beauty + brains + bustiers + music and you get The Lalas Burlesque Show, brainchild of celebrity choreographer Erin Lamont. Each Lala is handpicked and the best of the best in the biz. The Lalas have been demolishing expectations and wowing crowds since their Los Angeles foundation in 2010. Hysterical, sexy, rebellious, and always engaging, The Lalas always stick together and never back down. Turning The Lalas into real-life rather than metaphoric superheroes became a reality when we teamed up with After Hours Press and Starlight Runner Entertainment (transmediaproducers of Disney properties, Avatar, Halo, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and more). The creative team of storytellers and artists behind the comic includes the creator of the Marvel character “Deadpool,” and with credits ranging from Batman to Spider-man and a ton of major and independent comic releases.