The Kill Screen Vol. 1: Collected Edition

The UK indie cult comic 'The Kill Screen' collected for the first time, as a hardcover edition, featuring a whole host of extras!

The Kill Screen is sci-fi/horror/thriller that explores what would happen to our world if it were infected by computer and computer game viruses. How would we all survive?

The hardcover collects the original four issues - with a whole host of extras, such as SEVEN additional stories, original sketches, scripts, and guest pin ups.


"9.5 The Kill Screen is a must read - it offers a unique premise, and strong execution." - Unleash the Fanboy

"Startlingly original. The concept alone makes it worth checking out." - Gore Press

"10/10 - Edge of the seat moments mix with brutal but very human moments. BRILLIANT!" - Comics Anonymous

"I can imagine this comic book catching on as a cult hit." - Rhymes with Geek

"A strong foundation for a series to begin with and offers tons of story line possibilities." - What'cha Reading

"This story doesn't pull its punches..." - Nerdly

"Grab it now and treasure forever." - Word of the Nerd

"A fantastic read, with an incredibly original concept, and it's not coming from the Big Two or Image, but from the UK Indie Small Press scene. You have to get your hands on it however you can!" - Bleeding Cool

"A clever concept with a strong visual style" - Inter-Comics Podcast

"Digital carnage has never looked so good or been so compelling. Kill Screen isn't just the apocalypse we want... its the apocalypse we NEED. GET THIS BOOK!!!'
- The Awesome Comics Podcast

"A true 21st century science fiction story, relevant, stylish and frighteningly possible"
- Inter-Comics Podcast

"The Kill Screen offers a fresh original viewpoint that hooks the reader instantly. Each issue serves as a puzzle piece that allows the reader to slowly see the big picture of its digital dystopia"
- Cult Faction

"Not only do you get huge doses of action, horror and gore, but you also get a biting injection of dark humour."
- DownTheTubes