The Infinite Toybox #1

Joe and Sean Hill are a father and son who
Together run a Failing comic book store.

Joe is the unaccredited creator and artist of the world's most popular comic books.
Selling his characters decades earlier for a pittance to the corporate publishers. He is a surly and bitter grump, who secretly thirsts for adventure, believing he still has plenty to offer the world.

Sean his son is every bit his counterpoint, optimistic, kind and charmingly dumb.
Through a succession of poor business decisions by both, their store is finally about to go under and They both pray for a miracle to save their livelihood's and home!

That night an alien spacecraft crashes into their back-yard. The incompetent intergalactic delivery men aboard
leave behind their most precious piece of cargo... The Infinite Toybox!
A sentient games console that can utilise any part of the universe and any period of time to create life like game scenarios.
​On finding it, Joe and Sean's curiosity gets the better of them and they get pulled into their first game... A distant future where intelligent mutant dinosaurs have been enslaved by a race of evil robot overlords! Along the way their bonds as father and son strengthen as they figure out how to survive the game, save their business and harness the limitless power of their own imaginations.
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