The Immortal

Z is the last human in the universe and he doesn't really care. That's because Z has a problem - he can't remember much before yesterday. The reason? Z's occupation is killing him. Literally.

You see, Z is a bounty hunter; getting shot down is part of the job. Luckily his handy Regeneration Chamber allows him to come back and complete his work. After hunting, dying, resurrecting, hunting and dying one too many times, however, Z realizes that the hunter life is tearing him apart; his memory and his life are full of holes. So he takes on one final payday to get out of the biz. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned.

Waking up in the Regeneration Chamber, Z knows something has gone wrong. With no memory, however, he has no idea what. All he can do is follow his past life's footprints, trying to avoid his prior mistakes. Unfortunately, what Z doesn't know is that he is about to start a journey that will unravel a vast conspiracy, lead him to explore far off worlds, face dangerous aliens, and eventually care about his own existence. Prepare to to enter the world of The Immortal.