The Goddess of Areth Vol. 2

In the past, the roots of the trees occupied grounds devoid
of graves. People lived happily on the surface,
not knowing of the depths of the void beneath their feet.
Not knowing how the roots of the trees siphoned life out of
that which is lifeless.
Not knowing that the state of the lifeless is one that follows
the state of the alive.
But that was the past. A past not long ago.

Now, people are dying.
The ground has opened up and receives its permanent guests
with open arms.
Its fingers clamp on tightly to the hand that waves goodbye
to loved ones.
The loved ones cry for death to let go, but the grip of death
cannot be loosened easily.
Death will always chase after life...

But there is hope for life.
Dana, a soldier
from the Land of Alba,
must learn that her fight
is for all that lives.
She has the power
to realize a future in
which life can be free
of the clutches of death.