The Geekery #5

Xena and Gabi
Designed for the GEEKIEST Readers of Comics...

"All my life, the sight of my far prettier and popular older sister, Gabrielle, made me throw up a little in my mouth. Alas, it is the barf of envy!"

Paying homage to the classic young romance comics of yesteryear that told a young girl all she needed to know about landing a husband, "Xena and Gabi" is the tale of two very different sisters as they navigate the treacherous waters of jealousy, betrayal, and heartache en route to matrimony (and we pray, true love). Will "ugly duckling" Xena learn to embrace her feminine wiles and makeup to (as her sister puts it) "bring out the pretty hiding inside?" Can "total hottie" Gabrielle go home again even if she is burdened by a soul-devouring secret? Complicating the lives of these two warring siblings is a geek who has already broken one of their hearts but has now caught the eye of the other...

Like our cover warns, this heartbreaking issue will surely have you wetting yourself...with tears of sorrow!
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31 Pages

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August 15 2018

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All Ages

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