The Evil Tree

In a rustic village outside of Manhattan, Misha and her fiance Daren seek an escape from the fast pace of the city. As they settle in, Misha becomes withdrawn, suffering from bad dreams and depression. When Daren brings his friends to the house, little does he know he is setting into motion events started hundreds of years ago with the original occupants of the house, the Willam Family. Not only did the ill-fated Willam family die in the house one cold winter, but the house has developed a history of female occupants committing suicide. The friends must solve the mystery of the house before the Willam Family ghosts pick them off one by one. * "Really creepy, moody and occasionally gut-wrenching horrific... But there are somber moments too and chills that creep under you skin..." -- Peter Bergting (The Portent, Crysis, Dark Sun, Strange Girl) * "The Evil Tree is exactly what a classic ghost story should be, Hendrix and Thollin capture all the elements of the genre with stunning execution. This is a perfect Halloween tale that's bound to send shivers down your spine." -- Lonnie Nadler, * "A ghost story that will make your blood run cold." --

comiXology Unlimited