The Disciples

So, you think you know the truth about magic? Wicca, Voodoo, Chaos, it what you will but it is much different than believed. This is not the old school of speaking in rhymes and staged theatrics, there are fundamental elements as work on our everyday lives so powerful, so dangerous and cosmic, and they threaten to tear the very fabric of reality asunder. But who guards us against this impending onslaught? The Disciples, a misfit group of seers, magicians, and wielders of the Black Arts whose own internal politics pose as great a threat to their survival as any outside influence. The Disciples, whether they like it or not, are in the front line as their magic can be perceived on two distinct levels - in the human world they can effect change, control probability, perform conjuring tricks, etc. - but in the astral plane, the ether of magic, they can be very powerful weapons. And they are the only ones with this ability. And the Knights Templar and parts of our government want it.

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