The Devilfish Project

The year is 2095. Global warming has forced the sea levels to rise (as well as the salt table) shrinking the Earths limited pastoral and arable land. There is not enough global land resources to feed the world's bulging population!

The free world has descended into chaos and crime, which brings about new world order instability - how can America police the world when they cannot take care of their own back yard?

The Security Council sanctions a secret program that genetically and physically alters an elite team of crime fighters in an attempt to crush the gangs that are violently taking control of the country.

Not everyone sees the project altruistically and the premature unleashing of the projects subjects creates more chaos than they were designed to control!

Who is really behind the project and what is the real reason for its existence?
Military Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction
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35 Pages

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March 26 2014

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