The Demon's Sermon on the Martial Arts: A Graphic Novel

"Wilson and Morikawa capture all the wisdom and beauty of these original texts and enhance them with the visual vitality and playful charms of modern manga. Their faithful retellings of these allegorical fables and philosophical reflections prove how timeless and rewarding they truly are."-Paul Gravett, editor of 1001 Comics You Must Read before You Die "This poetic book immediately stands out as the best of Sean Michael Wilson's three graphic novel adaptations of classical works of Japanese philosophy. As a book of philosophy, it's fascinating; a dreamlike exploration of consciousness, life, and death. Michiru Morikawa's artwork is the perfect match for the text, her eerie, detailed illustrations-especially the lovely renderings of various animals-perfectly fitting the poetic feel. Recommended."-Jason Thompson, Otaku USA magazine

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