The Cray Baby Adventures

THE CRAY BABY ADVENTURES Before Itty Bitty Hellboy...before Tiny Titans... before AW YEAH COMICS! Way before the Eisner Awards and the famous cartoonist lifestyle... there was... THE CRAY BABY ADVENTURES! Heroes! Villains! Monsters! Heroes on the Quest for Happiness! Started way back in 1992 and published in December 1994, The Cray Baby Adventures is the first Comic Book created, written, drawn, and published by cartoonist Art Baltazar. This self published indie comic, set the path of Comic Awesomeness to come! NOW 20 years later, The Cray Baby series is brought to you for the first time digitally. Guaranteed to take you on a journey of wonderment, excitement, and adventurous fun! Originally published by Art Baltazar's ELECTRIC MILK COMICS!