The Cowboy Wally Show

IT'S A ROOTIN', TOOTIN', RAUCOUS RIOT OF SHOW BIZ REVELRY! STAY TOONED FOR THE COWBOY WALLY SHOW! Television legend, star of stage and screen, and a successful entrepreneur. Not to mention a fat, obnoxious, beer-swilling loudmouth.of questionable morals and taste. Yes, it's Cowboy Wally, star of 8 time Eisner Award-winning creator Kyle Baker's groundbreaking first graphic novel, so sit down for a wild look at at the ins and outs of the craziest rodeo on Earth: THE ENTERTAINENT INDUSTRY! Follow the career of television and film's most outrageous figure, a man willing to stuff unscrupulous, unwholesome and downright unhealthy diversions down the throat of an all-too-eager audience. Witness "Sands of Blood," his French Foreign Legion spectacle and tapestry of rampaging historical inaccuracy! See the timeless work of the Bard mercilessly violated in the unthinkable 20-minute, rewritten, bargain basement version of Shakespeare's "Hamlet!" Stare slack-jawed at the blasphemy of "A Cowboy Wally Christmas!" There's all that and more in THE COWBOY WALLY SHOW, straight from the twisted mind of EISNER, and HARVEY AWARD WINNER and New York Times Bestselling writer-illustrator Kyle Baker (WHY I HATE SATURN, YOU ARE HERE, KING DAVID). "Kyle's artwork spoils the reader with accessibility and fun - while his writing challenges, teases, and tickles their intellect. He is without debate the best in the graphic novel business. The absolute best.• Aaron McGruder, cartoonist, THE BOONDOCKS

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