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Carl Barks's Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge comics are considered among the greatest artistic and storytelling achievements in the history of the medium. Barks introduced Uncle Scrooge, the charmed and insufferable Gladstone Gander, the daffy inventor Gyro Gearloose, the bumbling and heedless Beagle Boys, and Junior Woodchucks, and many others. Barks alternated between sprawling 20- or 30-page adventure yarns filled with the romance of danger, courage, and derring-do, whose locales spanned the globe, and shorter stories that usually revolve around ingenious domestic squabbles between Donald and various members of the Duckberg cast. Barks's duck stories, famously enjoyed by both children and adults, are both celebrations of smarts and perseverance and depictions of less commendable traits like greed, resentment, and one-upmanship.

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