The Clysm: Book the First, Vol. 1: Stitchwalker

THE FABRIC WRAPS THE SCAPE THE SCAPE BINDS THE PATCHES THE FOLD IS THE PIVOT ON WHICH REALITY RATCHETS...' CLYSM ARCHIVE : 'TEXT ACCORDING TO BUTLER'. Sheriff Brogin is an acolyte of the Clysm, a Stitchwalker, a Navigator of the mysterious Scape, a roiling dominion where the unprotected first go insane then die horribly or are transformed into some hideous other ! A Captain in the Clysms' elite Cloister Guard, Brogin discovers evidence of a terrible secret connected to an ancient and powerful artifact and its importance to the Clysms' hegemony over the Scape. Brogin and his familiar Zbotski steal the relic from Pontiff Ferris and Matriarch Joy who have held the Clysm in their iron embrace for decades. They flee into the wilds of the ever inconstant Scape in an attempt to unlock the terrifying enigma behind the power of the Clysm and the fate of the Fabric, the Scape and all People-Kind. Pursued by emissaries of the Clysm, merciless Patch Gangs, menaced by the nightmarish and evanescent Scathe and contemplated by bizarre and perhaps omniscient entities from outside the Fabric itself, THEY ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME ... ! 'FOR EVERY MIND, THERE IS A WORLD ABOVE THE SOAR, BELOW THE 'NEATH THROUGH THE SCAPE THAT FABRIC BINDS STITCHWALKER WALKS & SEAMSTRESS SEES...' 'CLYSM : ROGATION'.