The Cisco Kid Vs. Wyatt Earp

Two legends cross paths in two books released on the same day! Sure to be the crossover event of independent Western comics. "Cisco Kid vs. Wyatt Earp" is the Kid's interpretation of the events. Written by Len Kody - the up-and-coming author who brought you the dark, mystic mini-series Cisco Kid: Gunfire & Brimstone - Cisco's side of the story will explore the deep motivations for this complex character, showing you he's more than just a bad man with a gun. Penciled by the mind-blowing, meticulous talent, EricJ (of Rex Mundi fame), and inked with depth and detail by seasoned pro, Chad Hunt; they haven't built the comics page that can contain the intensity! Cover artist Kalman adds his gorgeous flowing lines to both books, and colorist Andy B. adds his rich tones, assuring you that the quality of this production is top notch.