The Chasm Vol. 1: Truth is Treason in an Empire of Lies

Notorious investigative journalist Elliot Porter uncovers a bizarre mass mind control experiment on a small town in upstate New York. Along the way, he's beset by shadowy agents, mind-controlled assassins, robots, false flags, a social media death cult and a strange pop-up tribe terrorizing the outskirts of town. Local journalism instructor Linda Mooney instantly falls for Elliot and gets him to use a few of her students who promptly disappear on their first assignment. Elliot has to find them with only hours to go before a huge black psyop goes live, kicked off by a prison break false flag while Linda suddenly begins to suffer violent hallucinations. One of Linda's missing students, a mysterious Chinese girl reappears as a menacing tribal leader yet delivers crucial information to Elliot that reveals her true identity. As townspeople experience intense discomfort and hallucinations, the town descends into chaos. To learn the truth behind this depraved experiment, Elliot must confront the cynical architect of the plan in a dizzying climax on the lip of the chasm that casts doubt on whether he and Linda can escape the nightmare of a full-strength dose of psychotronic warfare courtesy of the secret shadow government...
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Steve Means

Graphic Novels Horror Movies & TV Mystery Political Science Fiction
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28 Pages

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June 14 2017

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17+ Only

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