The Cat With A Really Big Head

The gothic Michelangelo of the macabre and creator of Lenore: The Cute Little Dead Girl, Roman Dirge is back with a collection of two of his strangest and weirdest tales that take us from the biggest headed cat in the whole universe, into the center of a man's body! The Cat With a Really Big Head: This is the tragic story of a cat called Cat, and his stupidly enormous over-sized head as he struggles with day-to-day problems like coping with hairballs, trying to eat Chunky Beef Chunk With Beef catfood or dealing with the neighbourhood mouse, Mr. Stinky and his army of annoying mice. Life hasn't dealt Cat a good hand, but still, there's always the prospect of reincarnation and a better life isn't there...? Monsters In My Tummy: Ever wondered what madness happens inside you during times of severity and heartbreak? Feels like a war is being waged in your stomach? Anyone who's every been crushed by a love one will instantly be able to relate to this inner saga.

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