The C-Listers, Vol. 1: Crisis On Lightning's Earth

In a world that needs heroes, it’s best to look elsewhere. The C-listers is a series chronicling the trails and tribulations of a trio of superpowered allies and their dysfunctional relationships with those around them. They possess the power and the means, but unfortunately lack the wisdom and temperance to ‘actually’ help anyone. These guys are supported by a rich cast of characters that help to ground, and or clean up the constant messes they’re responsible for. At it’s core The C-Listers is the Avengers viewed through the comedic prism of Seinfeld. It’s a superhero situational comedy that draws it’s setting and mood from the classic sitcom formula while merging large scale action set pieces and high octane absurdity. This is a comic in medium and tone. A hero’s work is never done and with these guys it never will be.