The Brontes: Infernal Angria

Living in the isolation of the Parsonage house in Haworth Village, the four Brontë children make a startling discovery: a doorway to another world! What seems like paradise soon reveals itself to be just as dark as the real world. Can the siblings resist the allure of Angria, or will they be seduced -- and destroyed -- by it? Either way, their spirits, their beliefs and their family bond will be tested to the limit! "This is a truly feminist needed in today's social and political climate. A highly recommended read!" - Dame Darcy, Creator of MEAT CAKE "It's a comic that hides its polish behind a veil of simplicity." - Darren Schroeder, Silver Bullet Comics "This exciting and well-researched comic presents the Brontës as you've never seen them before. I'm still getting used to seeing Charlotte throwing punches! Must Read!" - Glynnis Fawkes, Ignatz Award Nominee & MoCCA Arts Festival Award Winner Part 1 was Winner of the Xeric Award for Self-Publishing (2004).

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