The Blood of Eden

Blood of Eden represents a deep process for me personally but not different to what many people face in life and relationship in this day and age. In July 2012 my wife went away to trade at an arts festival market. We had been married for 5 years, and I'd known her for 20. Before she left our relationship was at its best. While she was away, one evening I sat by a fire in an altered state of consciousness. I was praying and giving thanks to all the people in my life and making offerings to the fire for each one. When it came to thinking about her, I picked up a big piece of wood, held it to my heart, felt everything of what she is, and is to me, and as I offered the wood to the fire, these words came into my head from some deep place,"I set you free and wish you all the best." It was strange these words, and I knew deeply of what was to come although my mind denied it. This knowing made the whole process that followed, graceful but no less painful. She returned from the festival, where she had met someone who had brought about a huge inner transformation within her. She was struggling to reconcile these new realizations rising from so deep in her being in the marriage. So began our process of separation. A few months later I was away for a weekend, and in my utter despair and grief I drew the cover picture. Not long after that I drew two more pictures and before I knew it, all I could do to keep my sanity in this hard time was to continue to draw. And thus this graphic novel emerged a year and a half later.

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