Thaumaturge #1

The kingdoms of Belrua and Sheriza have been at war for 68 years. Under the command of General Sidian, the Belruans have conquered nearly all of Sheriza within the last year. They finally approach the walls of Sheriza to face the Bahadur, whom the Sherizans worship as a god.

Belruans are distinguished by their black hair and light skin. They wear armor made of black steel embellished with red. Their society thrives on war, and they love to prove they are the greatest race of thaumaturges. Sherizans, on the other hand, have darker skin and green eyes. Albeit they don't wear heavy armor like the Belruans, their greater numbers make them a formidable foe. They are further characterized by the red hair dye they use.

In Thaumaturge, every living thing holds mana inside and can use it to turn thought into reality. Like a muscle, the more mana is used, the stronger the user becomes. Thaumaturgy is based on self-control and willpower rather than intelligence. Above all, it is the power to act. Though there are many themes dealing with religion and politics, the overarching theme is that of finding happiness in a world so full of blood, violence, and hate.
Action/Adventure Fantasy Original Series Supernatural/Occult
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September 9 2015

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