Teleny and Camille

Winner of the 2010 Lambda Literary Award for Gay Erotica. Teleny is the haunted musical genius that everyone desires but no one has truly touched... until the fateful night that he senses Camille's presence in the audience. The wealthy young man is instantly seduced by Teleny's dark beauty and smoldering melancholy. Has Teleny found the lost piece of his soul only to lose it? Will Camille be doomed to wallow in the shallows of depravity and madness? Teleny has offered his heart to his love, so why does Camille not embrace him? The groundbreaking and powerful early gay novel "Teleny, or the Reverse of the Medal"-written in secret by Oscar Wilde and his anonymous circle of writers and poets-is now reinterpreted as a graphic novel, in all its lush excess.

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