Tarot, Witch of the Black Rose: Double Feature Halloween Special

In this Halloween Double Feature Special, We've included Tarot#16: Night of the Ginger-Dead Men! In this Halloween issue, the tables are turned in Salem and it's NO TRICK! This time the Treats are snacking on YOU! Hideous Creatures are stalking and abducting children as they Trick or Treat under the control of the delicious "Cookie". It's up to Tarot and Raven Hex to Save the Kids before they are eaten alive by these Wicked Sweets! And the infamous, Tarot#53:"Loose Lips", Many people each year donate their body parts to others after they are dead. But what if the ghosts of the dead change their minds and want them back? Skeleton Man and Crypt Chick must stop the ungrateful dead as the spirits try to retrieve their donated parts from the living! ... Happy Halloween!