Tales of Sinanju: The Destroyer

AT LAST! The Destroyer Returns to the Comic Pages! It's been decades since The Destroyer paperback novel series by Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir has graced the comics world with its Sinanju awesomeness, but now true fan M. Rasheed -- in partnership with the heirs of the Warren Murphy estate -- has unleashed the funny book flood gates. The award-winning cartoonist brings the quirky, action-packed, ultra-violent, and very fun Men's Adventure tale to a ten-book, 66 page graphic novel series as only the author of Monsters 101 can! Any Destroyer fan will be proud to have this super-set in their collection, featuring brand new stories full of fan-favorite villains, and a special 6 page tale that ends each title with a 'Scrolls of Sinanju' journal entry, each written by some of the greatest masters as they describe a key point of the series' mythology. These comics will be a great starting point for new readers interested in jumping into the 150+ novel mainstream tales as well! TALES OF SINANJU: The Destroyer, books 1-10 by M. Rasheed (based on characters created by Warren Murphy & Richard Sapir) are now available from Second Sight Graphix.

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