Tales of Lyla, Vol. 1: Once More from the Top

Tales of Lyla is an epic fantasy comic that follows the adventures of Van Gaia and Pendle Windle.Van is a young and brave sorcerer in training, dreaming of becoming one of the Unmond Kingdom’s royal sages and hoping to learn more about his family's history in the process. His grandfather’s magical guidebook, the “Charmicon” leads him on his quest. But since the book has a mind of its own, it remains stubbornly blank as often as it offers words of wisdom. Pendle Windle is a hot headed teenage witch with a talent for dark magic. She has more experience than Van in spell casting and is not afraid to show it. She joins his crusade to learn more about the world outside of her home in the Swamp-lands. She also hopes to prove that witches can be more than just a source of dread. Van and Pendle make their way through the enchanted world of Lyla, solving cases that involve the supernatural. They make new friends, new enemies, and uncover an endless array of magical mysteries. But their journeys eventually entangle them in a secret war which threatens to shake their reality to its core.