Tales From The Underbelly

A cult of squid men, subterranean pirates, a traveling carnival, gondoliers, a salty shopkeeper, monstrous kraken, and a giant pig - a curious parade of oddities lie in the Underbelly. The Underbelly is an underground world stripped of its resources to power the wealthy on the surface above. The boom of the mineral rush is over, leaving behind a sprawl rich with opportunity for the entrepreneur and the adventurer alike. Generations have passed since the cavernous underworld was cracked, leaving few of the descendants with any real knowledge of the surface. Facing physical and economic separation, the inhabitants took matters into their own hands, relying on the immense river that runs the length of the cavernous underground to build a society. But as the world around them continues to deteriorate, where will they go next? Tales from the Underbelly is The Goon meets Sin City with a touch of weird, pulpy Lovecraft and Eerie in the mix.