Taco El Gato

In the smoggy, run-down town of Ditz City, cats and dogs don't get along. A very unfortunate situation for Taco Fluffy, who is constantly caught in the middle! Taco is an offbeat, adopted cat with a soul of a dog and the eagerness of a cat, who has the uncanny ability to turn any situation from good to bad and from bad to worse. He often drags his recluse sidekick, Furr-ball, kicking and screaming along for the ride-with his sadistic nephew, Mini, often lurking in the shadows, loving nothing more than to cause Uncle Taco pain. With a wild cast of characters (from a long-lost father to a bloodthirsty pack of wild biker dogs), Taco El Gato pokes fun of all life (earthly and supernatural) has to offer in a city that could only be the half-crazed love child of Los Angeles and Toon Town.