Super Siblings!

SUPER SIBLINGS is a dynamic, light-hearted and sometimes off-the-wall story of sibling rivalry. Like every "Tween-aged" brother and sister, Conrad and Courtney Clark often don't get along. They like to argue, bicker, and blame one another for the common occurrences going on at home. Although their childhood may sound typical, The Clark kids turn it up a notch with the use of their Super-Powers! Not only are they rivals at home, they have become bitter arch-enemies in public! Conrad (SCOUT), uses his powers for good. Courtney (BANSHEE) uses her powers for bad. Hidden in plain sight, their secret identities remain intact. Neither one suspecting the other. BAM! Finally, cartoonist Patrick Scullin joins the AW YEAH UNIVERSE! AW YEAH COMICS proudly presents SUPER SIBLINGS in COLOR for the first time in comic history! Kick back with your digital device and enjoy this colorful action packed super-hero adventure! AW YEAH!