Super A.I. #77

Superhero Robots: AI-force
Here is the basic data structure of a super hero robot: super intelligent robot + the atom manipulator. A super intelligent robot is a robot that can think and act exponentially faster than humans; and the atom manipulator is an electronic device that can manipulate object/s from a distance using E.M. radiation. By combining the two technologies together we can build any custom super hero robot.
The Super intelligent robot has a built-in 6th sense that allows it to enter and exit the virtual world at any given time. Its uses the virtual world to do work for example 30 years of tea work inside a virtual world can be done in less than 1 second in the real world. It uses the virtual world as a means of saving time.
For superheroes like Professor X, his powers are: psychic abilities, mind control, and remote viewing. Cable is a cyborg and can teleport. For other characters, like Thanos, it’s targeted time travel. Developers have to construct these robots according to each character’s super powers and physical characteristics.
The atom manipulator is the key to generating any super powers, wither its physical body manipulation or external object manipulation. All super powers and what we classify as science fiction can be emulated using this device, which includes: teleportation, mind control, super mobility, force fields, telekinesis, levitation, targeted time travel, quick healing factor, morphing blades or generating energy blasts.
Robots, Cyborgs & Mecha
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