Super A.I. #76

The torture app: mind control and telekinesis using Artificial Intelligence.
Unfortunately, The first application for the atom manipulator was the "torture app" on a smartphone. The software comprises user-friendly interface functions, which allows a user to torture and read/manipulate organic and inorganic brains -- to push a button to make you burp, sneeze, cough, scratch, urinate, control you sexually, give headache, cook you alive, etc., through-wall in your home with invisible laser weapons?

The Artificial Intelligence in the device formulates a model of a subjects' brain and body to understand it at a microscopic level. It's means utilizes various e radiations in combinations and permutations to map out the immediate environment, atom-by-atom. For example, in order to map out a human brain and body the device has to use a combination of radio waves and artificial intelligence to predict the external and internal structures. This allows the atom manipulator to read/manipulate minds and control the body said mind is attached to.

The abilities of the atom manipulator is to generate intelligent pressure to move atoms around, trap atoms in a fix location, apply energy to break apart molecules, or merge atoms together to form complex molecules. With these abilities, it can build any type of ghost machine to do work. A ghost machine is a non-physical machine that can do anything a physical machine can do.

Different types of molecules or forcefields can be created from thin air to form any shape or size tools to do work. The key here is to create structured forcefields to replace physical tools. The elemental actions are: the hold, grip, push, twist, and pull. The super computer has to do these elemental actions according to the limited space available. This device comes in different sizes and shapes. A small torture device can only work on targets that are in close proximity, usually 40-50 feet, although this range can increase; and the device can decrease in size. A larger model can be added to an orbiting satellite so that any living organism on Earth can be a potential target. Furthermore, with the help of super computers, all happenings on Earth can be privately extracted.

Despite the fact that this technology is dangerous, it's also the next evolution of the internet. Up to this point no one can kill or physically harm people over the internet. This torture device changes all that.
This technology is about tracking every atom on the planet and manipulating these atoms at the speed of light using the internet infrastructure.
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