Sunshine Doom 1971

In a vein similar to UNIVERSAL SOLDIER meets DEADPOOL! June 26, 1971. Location: Mr. Happy Food & Drink, outside El Paso, Texas. John J. Ramirez is a Vietnam veteran. While serving in Southeast Asia in the late 60's, he was a test subject for an experimental combat performance enhancement drug -- essentially a super-soldier serum. Now stateside, Ramirez can't remember his own name or how he ended up here. His life has become a series of disjointed flashes -- past and present, real and imaginary, continuously overlapping and morphing. And then there's that annoying Grim Reaper only he can see. The chatty bastard won't stop talking and calling him "bro." Meanwhile, elsewhere in El Paso, Father Karras is a pastor who has determined he is a Knight of the Apocalypse, descended to Earth against the will of a too-forgiving God. Holding a sawed-off shotgun named Salvation, he sets out to do his work. At the Mr. Happy Food & Drink, the paths of these two men are meant to cross. There WILL be blood.

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