Sugar & Spike

THEY'RE TWO OF THE LEGENDS OF TOMORROW—TRACKING DOWN THE SUPERHERO SECRETS OF THE PAST! The problem with having a past is that it eventually catches up with you. Especially if you're a superhero. And who do you call when a past indiscretion threatens to become a present-day debacle? Who do you call when yesterday's questionable decision threatens to become today's humiliating headline? Sugar & Spike, Private Investigations—Metahumans a Specialty! When Batman's armory is raided by a killer foe...when a cache of Kryptonian secrets Superman would prefer to stay buried is about to be unearthed...when Wonder Woman has to face the most fearsome foe of all: her ex...when any A-list hero calls up with a case too sensitive for anyone else to handle, this odd couple of crack investigators can get the job done...for a price. Of course, there's the question of whether they'll kiss each other or kill each other before the job is completed—if they live that long, that is... Comics legend Keith Giffen presents two classic DC characters like you've never seen them before in SUGAR & SPIKE, featuring stunning art by Bilquis Evely!

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