A twenty page comic book featuring a sleuthing undead protagonist who's just trying to find a decent meal. Story by Travis Duda & Dan Lee. Art & Letters by Shawn Daley. After spending years living in the shadows, Edward Ables was fortunate to flesh out a good life for himself as the owner and director of a funeral home. He once considered himself more than a man, but now most would consider him more of a monster... if they knew the secret. With the help of his assistant, Norm, and a lot of sleepless nights, the funeral home ran like a dream and kept Ed out of trouble. Unfortunately, when you have an insatiable hunger for human entrails, trouble often finds you. Human meat is hard to come by unless it's served with a side of homicide, but no one seemed to notice when an organ or two (or five) would go missing during funeral preparations; it was a perfect fit. That is until a drug epidemic spread through the city and tainted the food supply. Ed must now dig up his past to help preserve his future.