Spirit of the Pharaoh

"Soon to be a major motion picture, journey upon an unforgettable adventure in the land of the Pharaohs – a thrilling story that bursts into life with ancient tombs, villains and heroes, a quest for eternal life and an underlying plot of hope against all odds. Two warring spirits are loose on the world after a tomb is un-earthed: Seth, the ancient Egyptian god of chaos, and King Ra'Mun, a pharaoh sworn to protect his people and reunite with his long-lost love Queen Neferkari.When Seth forms an unholy alliance with a billionaire arms dealer who wants the secret of 'after-life' – an ability to live forever, it is up to Ra'Mun – with the help of a young couple, Raymond and Marie – to defeat the god of chaos once and for all. This ground breaking graphic novel brings a dynamic new dimension to an ancient Egyptian adventure!"