Sonic the Hedgehog #79

The Discovery
Inspired by the popular "Sonic Adventure" game for the hot Sega "Dreamcast" platform! When Nate Morgan uses his telecrate technology to infiltrate Dr. Robotnik's computer network, he receives transmissions that send shivers down the Freedom Fighter's spines: the dastardly Doc has ordered an excavation somewhere near the mysterious Cat Country -- leading them to believe he may have found the Hidden City of the Ancients! Nate and The Freedom Fighters are immediately dispatched to quell the threat -- all, that is, except for Amy Rose, who the others feel is too young. Amy is outraged -- Tails is allowed to go on the mission, and he's the same age as her! Will that stop her? Heck, no! Amy calls upon the powers of the Ring of Acorns to make herself older -- transforming herself into her "Dreamcast" counterpart, and depleting the ring of all its energy in the process! The price is a harsh one, as the ring has been used in the service of healing the Queen. Fearing ill effects, Nate insists Amy comes along on the mission with them. Can they survive Amy's amazing transformation? For that matter, can Amy?! It's a journey of discovery that will lead our fearless heroes to the startling new world depicted in the Sonic Adventure Dreamcast game!
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