Something Wicked #9

Beneath the cover by Brett Buckle, Something Wicked 09 contains:

Beyond by writer Mike Lynch and artist Matthew Harrower
Beyond the Hall of the Auroch by writer Michael DeShane and artist Onofrio Cirillo
Bound by writer Paul Penna and artist David Blankley
Cat Nap by writer Lawrence Conquest and artist James Feist
Last Train to Vienna by writer Chris Walker and Eric Jackson and artist Leigh Kuilboer
Maybe He Made it by writer Michael DeShane and artist Roland Bird
Of Wolf And Man by writer Dave Roberts and artist Astrom Chang
Saint's Tears by writer Alec Charles and artist Sam Weller
Shambling Towards Bethlehem by writer Sam Verrall and artist Pavlos Pavlidis
Siren Song by writer Alistair Robb and artist Stephen Prestwood
Snapper & Drilby by writer Tim West and artist Ben Byrne
The Good Behaviour Act by writer David McCluskey and artist Andrew Morrice