Snakor's Pizza, Vol. 1: 1

In the 1980s, Snakor was an up-and-coming evil snake-person just trying to rule the globe. Today, he works at a pizza place. Still tempted by the occasional wacky scheme (unleashing a giant, flaming karate penguin to wreck mayhem in the downtown, creating neon-coloured robot dopplegangers of his enemies, baking mind-controlling panzarottis), for the most part, he's put his evil-ways behind him. Now he's just trying to get by in a world he never made (or took over!) by making pizza. Channeling the ludicrously fun concepts of 1980s action figure biographies, the series focuses on Snakor's quest to find himself in a new world of greasy cheese, broken napkin dispensers and stoned college students. Dealing with newfound family members, former-evil associates and the general pizza-eating public are just the tip of the crust for Snakor as he climbs from washed-up globe-conqueror to pizza-shop emperor.